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2009 Ph.D. Russian Studies, University of Manchester

2002 M.A. (Distinction) Interpreting and Translation, University of Bradford

1997 B.A. (Hons.) Russian and French 2:1, University of Nottingham

Professional Memberships

2011-date Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (Membership number: 024723)

2012-date Member of the Society of Authors, and the Translators’ Association thereof.

Selected Publications

Literary Translation

2014 The title story and “Last of the Eastern Dragons”, in To See the Moon So Clearly, magical tales by Gai Sever, published by Aeterna. [Read extract]

2013 Captain of the Steppe, my translation of a novel by Russian Booker Prize winner and Solzhenitsyn Prize laureate Oleg Pavlov, published by And Other Stories. [Read extract]

Academic Translation

In press Suleimenov, Olzhas, ‘The Pre-History of the Turkic-speaking Peoples”, The Engish Azerbaijani Society. Co-translation with Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp.
June 2014 Roshchin, Mikhail, ‘Kidnapping and Hostage Taking between the Two Chechen Wars: 1997-1999’;
Vachagaev, Mayrbek, ‘Sufism in Chechnya: Its Influence on Contemporary Society’. [Read extract]
in Anne Le Huérou, Aude Merlin, Amandine Regamey, Elisabeth Sieca- Kozlowski (eds.) Chechnya at War and Beyond, (London: Routledge, 2014)

February 2014 Zotova, Natalia, ‘Female Migration into Russia from Central Asian Countries: Migrants Researching Migrants.’; [Read extract]
Abashin, Sergei, ‘Nations and Postcolonialism in Central Asia: 20 years later’; [Read extract]
Rumiantsev. Sergei, ‘The State and the Diaspora: Bureaucratic and Discursive Practices in the Construction of a Transnational Community.’
in Julien Thorez (ed.) Development in Central Asia and the Caucasus: Migration, Democratisation and Inequality in the Post-Soviet Era, (London: I.B. Tauris, 2014)

Original Work

2011 ‘Uninvited guests in the communal apartment: nation-formation processes among unrecognized Soviet nationalities’, in Alexander Maxwell (ed.) The Comparative Approach to National Movements: Miroslav Hroch and Nationalism Studies, (London: Routledge, 2011), pp. 79-96.

2009 Adel’ Al’-Khadad: The Ancient Russians, Kinokultura, Issue 25

2009 Vladimir Bortko: Taras Bul’ba, Kinokultura, Issue 26

Professional Experience

2002 to date Freelance interpreter and translator (currently as director, Ian Appleby Ltd)

Translation, written summaries, and interpreting in simultaneous, consecutive and liaison modes, working with Russian sources in a wide range of subject areas. Now specialising in literary and academic translation.

2008-2009 Teaching Assistant, University of Manchester

Teaching undergraduate level courses on Russian history and culture. As well as using my outstanding presentational skills to convey information in lectures and to facilitate seminars, I also developed the materials used as the basis for both. Other duties involved setting and assessing examinations, and marking coursework.

2004 -2009 Ph.D. Candidate, University of Manchester

A significant proportion of my primary research on the Kuban’ Cossack national movement consisted of my interviewing Russian speakers. My language skills are such that detailed discussions in either spoken or written Russian on, for example, extremely nuanced questions of political and national development present little difficulty.

As well as polishing the research skills demanded by thesis writing, I have also imparted my knowledge to peers and more senior academics through seminars and conference presentations.

2002-2004 First-level multi-lingual IT support technician, CSC, Luton

I employed both problem-solving and people skills in directly liaising with French, English and, occasionally, Russian end-users to instruct them in the correct use of IT software and hardware and to assist them in resolving problems.

1994, 1998-2001 EFL teacher and acting director of studies, various employers, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar, Russian Federation.

I taught English as a Foreign Language to students of all ages and abilities, in schools and in corporate environments. I created syllabi, and set and marked examinations.