I am an effective and engaging presence in a classroom, whether teaching English as a foreign language to students of all backgrounds, ages and abilities, or teaching Russian history and culture to undergraduates. I have years of experience teaching both subjects, as well as designing syllabi and individual lesson plans, and setting and assessing coursework and examinations. Whilst in Russia around the turn of the millennium, I completed the process of becoming an examiner for the Cambridge suite of EFL examinations (FCE, CAE and CPE).

I am now actively looking for EFL work in Pushkin or St Petersburg. I am already in Pushkin and available for interview.

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2016-2017 Lecturer, Intensive English Programme, City University College of Science & Technology, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Teaching EFL to a large mixed-ability group of adults, ranging in age from 18 to late 50s. The group met each day for four hours, meaning that I needed to draw on my experience and creativity to design lessons using coursebooks and additional materials in such a way as to maintain energy and interest levels throughout.

2008-2010 Teaching Assistant, University of Manchester:

Teaching undergraduate level courses on Russian history and culture. As well as using my outstanding presentational and classroom management skills to convey information effectively in lectures and to maximise learning opportunities while facilitating seminars, I also developed the materials used in both settings. Other duties involved creating and assessing examinations, marking coursework, and offering guidance and support to individual students.

1999-2001 EFL teacher and acting director of studies, Relod-Yug, Krasnodar, Russian Federation:

I was recruited by Relod-Yug specifically to teach business and conversational English on-site at a very prestigious client, the multi-national corporation Philip Morris. I taught an average of 36 contact hours per week, to groups and individuals of all abilities. I designed syllabi and lesson plans around the client’s key criteria of conversational fluency and clarity of written communication in a corporate environment. I also set and assessed written and oral examinations to gauge student progress. Whilst at Relod-Yug, I completed the process of becoming an examiner for the Cambridge EFL examination suite (FCE, CAE and CPE).

1998 EFL teacher, Language Link, Krasnodar, Russia:

I taught English to older children and adults of all ages and abilities, in groups and individually, using coursebooks and additional materials to create appropriate, engaging and effective lessons.

1994 EFL teacher, Benedict School, St. Petersburg, Russia:

I gained my TEFL certificate from The Benedict School, who then engaged me to teach groups of students comprising teenagers and adults of all abilities, and also groups at an important corporate client: Delta Telecom. The Benedict School continued to observe my lessons and offer feedback, allowing me to hone my skills as an EFL teacher.