Learn English with Me!

Why learn English with me?

  • I’m an expert in tailoring courses to your individual needs: I’ll give you what you need to know, not just what’s in the next unit of the book.
  • I have deep knowledge of Russian culture: I understand your frames of reference.
  • I have long experience of teaching English to Russian speakers: I know the problems you are likely to have, and can help you solve them.
  • I’m a native speaker of English, and I speak Russian fluently: we can discuss your particular requirements and areas of difficulty in as much detail as necessary.

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I’m highly experienced and highly qualified:

I have taught successfully in various countries and contexts:

  • in classrooms, university lecture halls, company offices, and online.
  • In large groups (30+), small groups, and one-to-one
  • In Russia, the UK, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
  • Learners ranging from younger teenagers to senior citizens
  • Multilingual and monolingual groups
  • Photo of Dr Ian Appleby with a group of students

How do I book?

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