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The prize copies have arrived

Gai Sever's To See the Moon So ClearlyThe prizes are here! They really are handsome little volumes that would grace any bookshelf. More importantly, so would the content. All you have to do to be in with a chance is to enter the giveaway. Good luck!

Relaunch and giveaway!

So here we are in the new place, and not a moment too soon, really. I suppose, in the lingo, that means Ian Appleby 2.0, but I’m not feeling sufficiently cybernetic to fully embrace that notion; nonetheless, this is the official site relaunch. There’s no doubt about it, the old place was looking a bit tired and, as one friend commented, the colour scheme made me look more like a healthcare provider than a translator. Hopefully, the new layout seems brighter and easier-to-read, and at last I have a logo that better conveys what it is that I do (thanks to Sam Ross for the illustration, and apologies to John Tenniel for the same…)To See the Moon So Clearly front cover

To celebrate the fresh new look, I’m delighted to offer a fresh new book: I am giving away five copies of “To See the Moon So Clearly” up for grabs. It’s a handsome little volume of three short stories by Gai Sever – why not whet your appetite? To enter, simply complete one or more of the tasks in the box below that correspond to the social media you enjoy using (I’m really not expecting anyone to do everything on the list). Some tasks ask you to add information as evidence you have completed it, so please remember to do that, otherwise your entry may be invalidated. The giveaway ends on the dot of midnight on November 21, and I will contact the winners shortly after.

Facebook rules forbid me from offering points in return for sharing this on your timeline, but if you should see fit to do so anyway, I would be jolly grateful. As for Twitter, what the box doesn’t say is that you can tweet once per day for extra points each time: I leave it to your discretion as to how much tolerance your followers may have… Good luck!

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