Roman Rudin: The Wind in Rome

Strange_OccurrenceRoman Rudin’s collection of short stories entitled Strange Occurrence in the Region of the Heart offers a selection of intriguing plotlines and satisfying denouements. The story which I translated, “The Wind in Rome”, describes Caesar’s descent into madness and obsession, but also a redemption of sorts, when the wind in Rome ceases to blow. Read an extract, or buy the whole collection.

Roman Rudin is a philologist by inclination and education. He has worked as a translator and interpreter. He currently manages a publishing house dealing with the publication of scientific and academic works in biology, geology and vulcanology. He finds pleasure in writing fiction in Russian and having it translated into English. Among his publications are a collection of short-stories and a novel. The collection was translated into English by Ian Appleby, Caroline Walton and Anthony Bastow. The novel is waiting to find an English-language publisher.