Who Prosecutes the Prosecutors?

A unique novel by Lyubov Budyakova, a former Ukrainian judge which explores crime and corruption reaching all the way to the top of Ukraine’s political structures. She asks:

Can you imagine the following situation? Suddenly, justice and the criminal world in your country switch places. People start to seek the truth, not from the police or the courts, but… yes, yes, from the “bad guys”. And it is the “bad guys” who resolve issues quickly and reliably. No, you will say, that could never happen! But you will be mistaken.

The first curiosity: even some representatives of the justice system are not above contacting criminals to sort out their own problems. When Judge Anna Fadeeva needs help to get her barrister friend Oleg Savelyev released from jail, she does exactly that, even if she may be digging her own grave in doing so.

The second curiosity: prison is, according to the Nabob, a leading mobster  populated by those who have not yet learned to lie. It’s unfair, you may think. But then it is very handy for those in power to deal with uncomfortable questions by imprisoning  anyone who is inconvenient. I will say more: once in this eerie place, Oleg is witness to the sophisticated, refined torture of prisoners, which often leads to their to death. That’s right. That’s the only way it can go. Pacification! Preferably forever!

The third curiosity: the danger comes from those very people who, by virtue of their positions, are responsible for public security.

Who will stop the lawlessness?  Who will restrain the excesses? You may be surprised to learn it is none other but the Nabob.


“WHO PROSECUTES THE PROSECUTORS?” is a crime novel for an adult audience, inspired by true events which occurred in Ukraine in 2001 and in which Budyakova was directly involved.   The novel is particularly topical just now, given the ongoing upheavals in Ukraine. Sample chapters and a synopsis are available on request. The novel comes in at 80,000 words in total. Read an extract.

About the author: Lyubov Budyakova is 57 years old, and has been living in the UK for the last 12 years. She used to be a judge in Ukraine. A few chapters of this novel were published in a Russian periodical. Budyakova is planning to write her next novel about the current civil war in Ukraine.

If you would like to get in touch with Lyubov Budyakova, please contact me and I will gladly pass on your details.