Translation is a highly skilled activity, requiring more than a simple mechanical transposition of text. If this were not the case, translators would have long ago been replaced by computer translation. As part of my MA in Interpreting and Translation, I wrote a commentary which discusses the issues involved in translating a motorcycle manual. You may be surprised by some of the questions which arose, many of which remain relevant well beyond that particular genre.

The following extracts give some idea of my ability to translate Russian language texts in a wide variety of styles and on a wide range of subject matter. The inclusion of a particular piece does not imply my approval or, indeed, my disapproval of the opinions expressed therein.

Literary Work

  1. Extract from “Captain of the Steppe”
    My translation of Oleg Pavlov’s novel Казённая сказка. An example of my literary translation skills.
  2. Extract from “To See the Moon So Clearly”
    My translation of a story for children and adults by Gai Sever.
  3. Extract from “Who Prosecutes the Prosecutors?”
    A hardboiled crime thriller by ex-judge Lyubov Budyakova about high-level corruption in Ukraine.
  4. Extract from The Wind in Rome
    Roman Rudin’s account of Caesar’s descent into madness and obsession, and his possible redemption.

Academic Translation

  1. ‘Female Migration into Russia from Central Asian Countries: Migrants Researching Migrants
    Overcoming the reticence of socially-marginal interviewees to engage in sociological and anthropological studies by employing interviewers from similar backgrounds.
  2. Nations and Postcolonialism in Central Asia: 20 years later.
    A discussion of the current geo-political situation in Central Asia.
  3. Sufism in Chechnia: its influence on contemporary society.
    How has Sufism affected society, history and culture in Chechnia?

Miscellaneous Pieces

  1. Ural M-72 Valve Gear
    A short extract from the motorcycle manual mentioned above. This showcases my technical translation.
  2. An American Cossack.
    A newspaper article found by chance in the boot of a Krasnodar taxi.